About us

Liberian Gateway was established in 2001 in The Netherlands. In 2004 Liberian Gateway established a locally registered company in Liberia. We have been able to efficiently represent our client's business interest with the utmost professionalism and dedication in promoting and creating awareness of their services and products in the Liberian Market.
Our goal would be to make your brand name a household one.

Liberian Gateway is a full service consultancy agency based in Monrovia, Liberia. Striving to offer the best quality and services to our partner's needs and enhancing their business growth and market share in the West African region. It is our aim to work with you as a partner in business, providing support in all marketing and sales functions you require, whether you are in need of advice, temporary support or interim marketing and sales management.

Liberian Gateway has a vast network of contacts in all sectors (private, businesses, NGO's as well as governmental organisations).

We pride ourselves in delivering high standards services, goods and consultancy to both our local and international clients.