Rural biogas plants

Family size rural biogas system

This family biogas system is composed of a 6 or 10 m3 biogas digester (tank), pipes, gas purification unit and a gas tank. Different devices are available, such as cooking stove, lamp, rice cooker and biogas generator.
The main components of the storage system are the concrete tank and glass fibre reinforced plastic gasholder. The working principle of the storage tanks is performed by pressure, produced by water inside of the tank. There are three pipes in the digester, the in- and outlet and gas pipe. The inlet pipe is a pipe where the feedstock is added and the outlet is provided for the automatic discharge of liquid digested manure. The gas pipe provides you biogas.
For this biogas plant there are different fermentation materials allowed. This plant can use fluidities (e.g. animal or human wastes) and solids (e.g. straw, grass). This biogas plant can for example produce 10 m3 biogas and therefore the plant needs 115 kg pig manure or 150 kg cow manure.
The biogas system can last over 30 years.

Technical specifications

  • Airtight tank
  • Solid organic material (straw and grass, waste etc.) can be used
  • Easy to maintain
  • The biogas system can last over 30 years
  • Excellent safety feature
  • The biogas plant composed of a concrete digester that is built with a steel mould, a glass fibre reinforced, plastic gas-holder and a concrete or glass fibre reinforced plastic cover
  • Dimensions: the digester is 6 or 10 m3 capacity; the gasholder is 1.6 m of diameter, 0.6 m of height and 1 m3 capacity
  • More technical information on request.