Sales, Marketing and business services

Sales and Marketing promotion

Our team of highly trained professionals would effectively place your product and services to the required target market which would in turn increase sales and ROI. Our Database of clients as well as our contacts with the local media would give you that competitive edge and making your product and services a household name.

Business leads

Looking for new clients? Look no further, Liberian Gateway specializes in generating leads as well as the acquisition of new clients. Marketing campaigns we have done on our clients behalf increased performance and proficiency.

Customer Service

You work hard to build your customer base. There is only one way to keep it: exceptional customer service and support. Customers can become dissatisfied with products and services. However, when provided with responsive and courteous assistance, such issues can result in net positive experiences for your customer. Once viewed as an excessively costly aspect of business, can be a profitable advantage. If handled the right way, customer service can lead to an enormous opportunity for stronger customer relationships, increased sales and the collection of valuable market information.

  • Order Taking
  • Catalog requests
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct mailing
  • Lead Qualification
  • Inside Sales Support
  • Marketing Survey

Human Resources

Liberian Gateway and it's staff have experience in screening, recruiting and placement of local staff for most industries. We can provide competent and professional staff on contract or for regular permanent employment.

Research and documentation

Want to enter the Liberian Market but don't have the time or patience to follow the tedious course of setting a business up locally? Or want to find out if there is a market for your products and services locally? Want to find sellers or buyers out of Africa? Well, just contact us and we would provide you with a tailor made proposal and contacts.